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New patient consultation


30-45 minutes, full clinical history and appropriate examination.

£230 if self funding.


An ECG will usually be required if you have not had a recent one to review. This will be performed either before or during the consultation (fees will apply).


Medical Record Analysis

Follow up consultation

Follow-up Consultation

Up to 30 minutes.


£130 if self funding.


Telephone & Video Consultations are available option which can can easily be facilitated if required.


further information 

Please note that for insured patients prices are determined by the insurer and Professor Boos  is compliant with these charges. For detailed prices and for any further questions regarding specific investigations and treatments please contact my private secretary

Mrs Amanda Avey-Hebditch -

Office Tel: 0300 019 2572,

Dedicated Private Patient Line: 01202 372667.  E-mail of

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